Monday, October 8, 2012

Delhi Fashion Night Out By Vogue

There is something extraordinary about a fashion event in the Capital city. A new snooty nose, a new poise and a multi cultural accent grows in us.
I always feel nervous while attending these events, because no matter what you wear, or how you wear, if the people aren't educated about those brands, you are not welcome. No.
Unfortunately we are still brimming in our broths only comprising of Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Gucci. I don't challenge these brands in terms of power or design, but there is a reason why contemporary has an important place as well.
Coming back.
I meet my fellow fashion friends ( Yeah, we Delhi people like to discriminate) , and i hear one word from their mouths about the WHOLE event-  Boring.
Its strange because Ironically Vogue had nothing to do with the event being boring. It was the crowd.
I saw a lot of people. Lot of Fashion victims. And so much bling, it was hard to concentrate.
The entrance of DLF Emporio had a center structure for the event.

 I don't mean to sound demeaning (yeah sure) but what is that red skirt in that picture. No. What is it? Or that black dress-sort-of-a-thing on the white tee? It just disrespects the whole concept of looking normal.

So the paper bags were to signify the awesome shopping that was to happen. Somehow the only thing that looked close to okay to me are those white pants behind this Diva structure. Cough.

We entered the Louis Vuitton showroom, they had an interesting wear-the-wig and get photographed side event happening inside. Frankly, I enjoyed the champagne. 

I have the honor to be friends with people who actually dress beautifully. People i loved photographing for their style and natural charm. ( I was paid to write this) 

The most charming detail in her outfit is that little pinned red flower. The style is chic, simple yet a statement. Right mix of colors and one can't ignore that gorgeous smile. You go girl!

Then comes the ever so lovable - Polka! This one sported a smart and chic polka shirt with the right accessories and charm. 

I, then, had the opportunity to walk in the store of  one of India's most celebrated and creative designers - Gaurav Gupta. 
The store had a different story to tell altogether. He has a flare to strike the right balance between art and fashion. Each of his creations speaks about a story in time. Yeah, he is that good. 
The store itself had a very interesting decor. It was an amalgamation of static and liquidity. Mostly looking very flowy at places and static at some. 

 Personally, i loved the way the models were made to hang and the pointy toes. Very Cool. I couldn't really meet him and click a picture or talk to him but i managed to find a picture from the same night. 

Yep, that's the devil. (You see what i did here?)

I had gone for this event trying to look super cool carrying my iPad thinking i would capture some really cool images like those crazy bloggers i keep reading about. No offence but that iPad was kept inside my bag after 30 minutes inside this event.

Most designers kept half sale for their clothes. Indian and International. I would be hanged if i mention some designers who made it to my Never-would-i-wear list. I swear to Armani, I wanted to kill myself looking at some designer work. I'm going to blog about the Indian contemporary designers very soon because SOMEONE has to do it man.

Delhi needs to know what Anti-bling feels like. So many designers decided to add extra crystals in hope that Delhi would buy it. And it worked, Sadly.

I don't say bling is ridiculous, but come on, there has to be a reason why i have mentioned UV shades so many times previously in my articles. 

I left the Mall in one hour thirty minutes flat after praying to the almighty we, someday, can make a difference. I'd say the saving grace of the day were my friends and some really awesome designs. By a few.

This was never about Vogue.

This was an event called Delhi Fashion Night organised by Vogue. ;)

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