Saturday, August 10, 2013

I am a Blogger! is the rest of the Country?

Every time I wake up in the morning, like a true fashionista I pick up my phone and start browsing through my blog subscriptions. In the first 15 seconds I realize that I am not just "not-unique" in my habit but also share the blog love with the rest of the planet.
Where am i getting at?
Fashion bloggers are like Blackberry phones. You think you have a smart phone swag, but you're like million others who hold the same design and call it personal. Anyone and everyone I know is into blogging. I don't say it's a bad thing (Who am i kidding?) but ladies get a grip on yourselves!
Nowadays it doesn't matter where you come from, what you studied, what you are actually doing with your life or what your mother thinks of you (piece of shit), fashion blogging has become an International outlet for everyone who thought they could never be anything in their lives.
Do you really want me to take you seriously when you match your hat and your shoes and call it TRENDY?


Burn-Your-Blog Symptoms-

1)Your friends think you're stylish, we don't. Please don't take your delusional friends seriously. Honestly, I wouldn't call them friends in this case.

2)EVERYBODY styles themselves/model and posts. EVERYBODY. Even me. So since we have no other creative method to express our knowledge, why bother and hang clothes from trees to prove otherwise?

3)You are friends with all Editors and they possibly can't do much but do you a favor and publish you? Cute.I wish people gave power to right people.

4)You look like shit but who cares, Inner beauty remember? Er, no? You can't look like Jay Z and give a beauty review?

5)You start PMSing on your blog and post motivational quotes and pictures. Seriously woman, you need to waterfall your load anywhere but there.

These are some but significant points I wanted to roar to the world but watching the fashion world collapse into pieces of the same boring shit I see everywhere in every blog, I had to let it out.

You can be the most fashionable girl for your friends and family but WAKE UP! please. Fashion has history, it has significance,it has reason. It's designed art (copyright). People are not crazy studying, writing books, or maybe researching on trends just to watch a megalomaniac with a rich daddy turn into a fashion leader.

I know i know.
What if you have taste?
Ever considered, what if you don't?

So please have respect for Fashion and the real fashion victims of the world, and stop posting Coco Chanel's quotes as words from your bible.

 PS: I swear to god if i hear one more person is a fashion blogger, id' just throw up a bra-let.


  1. So are you just facing the fact that you have much more competition in the 'fashion blogging' industry as ever before! U call yourself a true fashionista in the above post and the rest of the country has a bad fashion sense!! where did that come from!??

    1. Hi Vishakha,

      Um. No, referring myself to a fashionista (which u have amazingly called yourself too in your bio) was to explain a reference. Every fashion blogger considers oneself to be.
      And again, no, who said the rest of the country has bad fashion sense? But yes, a lot of them do. That's where it came from.

      Thanks for giving this a read and hopefully you get my point.

  2. I think a lot of us feel the same way. We look at other blogs and we feel a bit overwhelm. Personally l don't like reading blogs I can't afford and everything is about brands more than a lifestyle.
    Overall I appreciate the fact that having a blog gives you a voice.