Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday Dressing on a Monday?

Scribbling notes on a regular workday i couldn't help notice my colleague whose blaring pink pumps were giving me visual diarrhea.
Irony is, we both were working for a designer who seemed to be pretty nonchalant about her pumps. Somehow it was killing me.
I never claimed to know all about the right fashion, but sister, when you wear something which forces me to pull out my shades at work, you know you've got something going terribly wrong.
The idea of her wearing something right out of a night out attire was alarming to a degree that it gave me doubts as to what consultancy would she provide to people who already look like Dopes.
It was time to think for the Society.
Awareness about what is actual weekday wear and what is "Relaxed weekday wear" is a must nowadays.

Now, moving to other regular jobs, i see people and even fashion background people speak about Friday dressing and how excited they get about the whole concept.
Friday dressing is a concept that came about in the States and Canada during the Dot-com bubble (When stocks rose and internet became responsible for a lot of money makers) and gradually spread to the rest of the world.
It is merely a day in the week when people are allowed to choose comfort over tight crotch pants and pencil skirts. 

What you wear, no matter which day of the week, shouts about your personality. For example, we know you had a massive showdown with your wife before work when your tie looks like a mustard wrap on that shirt of yours.

But a single note for the ladies, please don't take Friday literally and wear something that makes you look synonymous to Paris's beach party victim. Men, on the other hand, can relax down a little and not eye women like them wearing ANYTHING would get them ...a you know what.

Friday Casual dressing Faux Pas are most common and sometimes its not really our fault if our boss thought your quarter pants were way too non serious.
Note: Casual means relaxed and not "Just anything on what i lay my hands on".

Few notes we can keep in our heads-

1) Don't take Friday dressing too seriously.
2) It is not party time at work. You were only told to dress more casually.
3) Go for somber colors, Pastels - peach, light shades of blue, yellow etc.
4) Avoid revealing anything. Ladies. Yes.
5) It is not an excuse to slip out your shirt on a formal trouser. That is the lamest way you can turn up at      
work. Trust me on that.
6) Its cool to wear tees with funny lines printed on them, avoid lines that would add a pink slip to your resume.
7) Shine, glitter, glam, loud--- They are enemies. READ ENEMIES.
8) Heels, please go easy on them, and yourself.

These are just some regular things which really aren't that tough to look out. Really.
I summed a little something for the ladies and since Polyvore wouldn't allow me to do the same for the men, i have posted a picture which should more or less give an idea as to what i'm talking about.

For the ladies -

Day at work

For the Men,

Now please, lets make Friday what it truly should look like. The last day of work for the week.

My attempt at sounding optimistic. Sigh.


  1. And thus spoke the feminine moustache spoke; of what she loves. Yes she did. Nice read that was.