Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NIFT : The truth about us. Almost.

"Oh wait wait, excuse me, where did u get that gorgeous belt from.. okay let me come to the point, i just want to know where you got the sequins from?"
Then comes a look which is the toughest to define, to be precise,the "what-the-hell-do-you-think-your-doing" look.
With an embarrassed coy smile you leave but laugh about it when you share it with your friends.
I am talking about a fashion college's student's ( NIFT)  life. I mean who would be crazy enough to barge in somebody else's privacy, still carry a confident smile like and ask something as eccentric as that?!

A normal person's life would prolly start with a nice relaxed yawn with a cup of coffee, here , the day goes something like this-
"its freaking 9:15am!! i am late for class.. dammit!!", and u find yourself wearing a yellow shoe with your pink oshos and your hair strands are travelling the entire world in 80 different styles but do you care?
Then you find yourself running to get an auto to college but as always, there will be no transport  available even if your life depended on it coz attendance is one fear factor which rules the hearts and minds of every every Niftian.
Reaching just about 20 minutes late for class, shameless as we are, we still argue for attendance! Yes, its called the pressure of self respect.
Then you sit for class with trillion faces looking at you with weird expressions and you wonder whether you wore a cowboy outfit to college, no, it is something worse than that, suddenly your hands reach your head and you feel your hair..
Suddenly a very screechy and shrill voice disturbs your chain of thoughts on how to save your "you-know-what" from this horrendous situation.
Yes, It is your faculty ,certainly not amused with your hands on your hair and not the register to jot down the notes she prolly has been tearing her lungs apart so that all can hear her.
Your reaction, another coy smile...( Death has fallen feeling)
The next thing you know, you're standing outside your class wondering whether this is "The" day of your life.
Surrendering, you head towards your canteen, obviously hoping something such as food would make you feel nice. Come again?
Did i just say food in the CANTEEN would make you feel nice?
You arrive on time for lunch to see the lavish mouth watering dishes in front of you, this is exactly the booster you were looking for!
The second half of the beautiful day begins and you realize somebody is trying to make it even more better The amount of work your faculty loads on you.
Yes work pressure is every Niftians first love, ironically, it isn't your parents, and a boyfriend/girlfriend is not even a floating option.
Normally a person would shit in their pants with the workload, but we Niftians are excellent at handling work pressures. We stare blankly at the teacher wondering if he ever thought of getting syringes and just suck the living life out of you. You hear a lot of ," oohs ..aaahs" in frustration and you sympathize with your fellow mates. One of the most delightful moments in our lives are the last 5 minutes of the wretched class where suddenly we have epiphanies staring outside the window hungry for our freedom.
This is also that moment of the day when a smoke makes you feel like God father.
You catch up with your friends and share your day's events and realize you aren't the only one in so much crap, the most important feel good factor. Its time for work now so you drag your tools (yes considering their sizes) back home to start working.
The minute you spread your brown paper with the hope that you'd create the world's most creative pattern, you get a phone call from a friend almost squealing about how desperately she wants to go to this new pub she heard of and you, right there, enter the world of temptation. One hand is holding the pencil ready to work and the other hand is flipping through your wardrobe...do i need to say which hand you chose?
Before you let your moral self start talking,  you are in your friend's car speeding to the pub with this unexplainable joy on your face.
Its 3 a.m. and you enter your house,smiling about the fun you had and suddenly your eyes reach the place where you left your work...
You end up cussing in 30 different languages and before you know it, you are sprawling on the floor in your high heels and short dress trying to make a pattern which would at least assure you a passing grade.

You are woken up by the world's most annoying sound - your alarm and you get up mindlessly hunting for your phone to check the time.


Aaaand we're late for class. Again.