Thursday, September 6, 2012

He's Ugly : Anti Dote of being a Nice guy

Charles Darwin told us many many years ago that its the Survival of the fittest. Yes it surely is.
But in the fashion world, its primarily survival of the prettiest. 
Let me clarify, from the title of the post you would think i am in a boy bashing mode, but truthfully no. I am just going to state some facts.
I want to highlight a very significant point here, i have seen people not from the industry trying extremely hard to look good. I think its a very healthy habit. I think some of us really should take this up seriously. 
When a woman wants to look good, she has this peculiar habit to hide her insecurities. And this exists in all women, and i find this trait rather interesting. I try and observe what the woman must try and hide through her clothing. Fashion teaches us basics of how to adorn your body and look appealing. It isn't about looking like a rainbow in a Princess bubblegum dress. Either ways, they find their way out. 
Men, on the other hand, have stranger habits. They have this knack about themselves to not portray a not-concerned-about-clothing image. The cutest habit in some men is to just go with the damn flow and let their girlfriends decide their clothes. Women love that, they might hissle and jizzle about it, but trust me they do. Then there is a category of men who enjoy dressing themselves like Godfathers. No. I am serious. You guys don't realize that 21 year old guy who is wearing a vintage trench wants to be taken bloody seriously. Expression.
There is this last category of men, which is my personal favorite. They are the exotic breed. The ugly ones. 
I know, I know. Before we reach multiple notions, let me explain.
You see, the ugly guys are the ones you'd see who won't give a shit. Literally. I don't say they would dress like a raccoon, but they are the ones who'd prolly not care if you have a bulge here and there.
Surprisingly they are also the ones with most self confidence. And how? Ever seen a situation where there is a gathering, you'd see a man standing effortlessly and unnerved by the constant bickering he sees around him and his priorities clear. Most of us call them the shy lot. For me, they reflect self confidence and self comfort. 
Not only would he turn out to be the coolest company you'd ever have, he'd also be the one who would understand your deepest shittiest secrets with a flare. 
An ugly man would never try and storm in a party or wear something that requires one to put his shades back on. He would make an entrance and lie low. 
I want to know which woman does not get turned on by these qualities. 
We are designed to notice visually appealing things. We have to design ourselves to notice the very truth we see.
Some ugly men are also the funniest. Because they have that ability to laugh at themselves. Try and tell a well dressed man what happened at your grandma's dinner when you turned up in a bunny costume and watch that color drain off your face as he walks out. 
I can list about hundred such instances. Don't get me wrong, a hot guy is always a better eye candy. But there are some nice guys we women tend to overlook and i think these guys deserve the attention they don't even ask for.

Remember, if a guy is ugly, he might just be a really nice guy.

For the second time, dear men, your welcome.


  1. The best part about the article was that it was able to hold me with every line! Well written and some really nice observation :)

    P.S Start writing for 21fools!!! Kahan gayab ho gayi thi??

    1. Haha! I am at the 21fools doorstep now. Thank you so much :)

  2. I wouldn't agree with you totally. First of all, there is nothing like "ugly guys". The tendency to approach the opposite gender and have a good conversation with her is the only parameter that creates a difference. Those who do it, they generally end up impressing her. Those who don't, sit back in a corner wishing to be with such a girl. In most of the cases, it's the "eye-candy" guys which you are referring to, fall in the first category, but the same isn't true always.
    Secondly, they don't ask for attention, reason being that they firmly believe, they can't get such attention even if they wanted to. So, they'd rather stay alone and maintain a low profile.
    In the last paragraph, you have mentioned about "ugly guys" being funniest and having a tendency to laugh at themselves. Don't you think that you are trying to hint that the guys with low self-esteem are funny? A guy can be funny/witty without making fun of himself. You don't need to make jokes on yourself for impressing someone. If a guy is doing it, then it's really sad for him.

    Otherwise, it's nicely written.

    1. I appreciate your point of view really. But the whole point of mentioning "ugly guys" don't ask for attention is because they don't get it in the first go. This whole article is satirical as well as posed with some hidden humor.
      Don't be angry :)

  3. in that perspective, it is always the same rule to me.. and it applies to men and women: be clean, have a nice fitting jeans, be friends with a great hairdresser, laugh at my jokes, don't bite your nails, be crazy interested in one thing "even if it is star wars", and don't you dare and think that you are better than other people :)

    1. I couldn't agree more Maria :)
      Very nicely put!
      I hope onlookers are reading this ;)
      Love and hugs

  4. hehe so true guys who are hot and who think they can get any girl are such put offs !! the shy silent or the one who don't drool are the nice ones..

  5. Let me play the devil's advocate here:

    I have found that most people, like your article, are biased against the "good looking", who are automatically assumed to be guilty of being mean/vain/arrogant/self-centred/add-the-vice-of-your-choice till proven otherwise. The burden of proving that they are "nice" always lies on the GL, while others are usually given the benefit of doubt. Example: GL does not return your call (probably because busy) you'd assume "what an ass, thinks too much of himself..always makes me call etc". UG doesn't return your call, and you probably would not even think twice and would redial his number cheerfully. Its almost as if people are looking for a reason to pick on the GL, as if that would somehow validate how much better they are themselves.

    Dressing well or being confident does not make someone an asshole automatically. Neither does dressing poorly. I think stereotyping people this way is not right. Drop your assumptions. Meet everyone with an open mind because anyone could be nice/interesting. See people only as people. Not as the 'good looking' or the 'ugly'.

    - Arj

    1. Hi!
      I assure you, this article in no way is stereotyping anyone. I know the title is all "Ugly boy" and all that but the very reason I wrote this was to create a healthy feeling and take everything in a humorous way.
      Besides, You're not being any devil's advocate. You're just defending yourself. HAHA.