Monday, July 4, 2011

Pros and Crocs

While the world was preparing for a warning in Global warming in the future, some guys somewhere
were busy fooling around with plastic to create what they thought was a miracle; Crocs.
I was reading about them. We like to formulate opinions about them without knowing its true purpose.
So, i decided to dig deep into this 280 Million Dollar enterprise. And take a dig at them too.
They were originally manufactured only as Spa Shoes when you, yes YOU, people decided to embrace

So, let me understand them here.
  a) They are larger than life. (at least your own foot)
  b) They come in eye blinding colors.
  c) Their hand feel is "cringe" material.

I came across a very interesting piece of news while reading about the Crocs.
"In 2008, the U.S. government Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved a model of Crocs with molded insoles as diabetic footwear, to help wearers avoid foot injuries."

I mean seriously, could footwear sound more poisonous?

And, this is not me speaking, Almost whole of the Fashion world agrees with me here.
Tim Gunn,a famous fashion consultant, apparently told Times Magazine, "the Croc - it looks like a plastic hoof. 
How can you take that seriously?"

You have got to love the man for saying this.

Here is a lesson for all you people, if you think Crocs look so hot with those shorts you're wearing,
please for the love of god, take a rain check.

Crocs are foot wear which have shamelessly shown a middle finger to the the entire fashion world nearly stating we could sport food on your foot (If we liked) and sell it.

We don't expect you to wear something expensive or gorgeous; but don't insult fashion and sport these
plastic giants.

For example-

      Is this is called taking your job too seriously?


      I would never trust this hospital  

Either way, Crocs suck mother nature (literally) and its a virus.

On a serious note, they have long term medical affects as well. Don't expect me to list them down here
in a fashion blog. You have Wikipedia to help you out here.

Needless to say, people, what you wear determines how seriously you take your self.

So Please, take yourself very seriously and lose the plastic.


  1. I didn't know what Crocs were. Woh toh iss post mein Pics. were put up, tabhi samajh mein aaya ki those plastic foot wears ko Crocs bolte hain.

    Well, I have seen young mothers buying these Crocs for their kids. Especially, for kids below 5-6 yrs. of age. I don't think anyone told them about the medical ill effects. Not good, I guess.

  2. Umreeka is lacking intellect to invent stuff.. pehle snuggies ab ye..

    There will be a day when their smartbombs would become smarter than their kids.