Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am part of the Fashion Industry ; No, i am "also" Straight

For an industry that is brimming with women, i have to hand it to the men to remain  MEN.
Before anything i'd like to add i have nothing against gay people. Happy and gay! Amen.

This "phenomenon" as i'd like to call it is one of the most common reactions among people NOT in the fashion industry. Seriously man, why do you think a guy who cares about  his pants is gay? I think i would like a guy to care about his pants. Problem arises if he knows the fabric and the exact name of its color as told in the pantone shade book. Then...maybe you should think of taking a rain check on your date.
I have enough male friends belonging to the fashion industry, and trust me, it hurts me they aren't gay. No. Its true, it does hurt me.
I keep reading the most overrated aspect of being a true Cosmo girl, of course, to have a gay friend. But unfortunately, i don't have a single gay male friend from the industry.
I think we underestimate men. In terms of dreaming. In imagination. In expression.
It may occur to you that most geniuses in any field were either loners or bi curious. It's not because they were fudged up? I believe they had the power to accept and express what they know. Fearlessly.
We are so absorbed in the right image that our minds are distorted to just imbibe what we hear around us to be the "right" thing or so we famously call the truth.
If a man can sing creatively, we have women throwing their bras on the stage. If a man writes creatively and with love, we have women having wet dreams on their beds. And they all would be bloody straight!
But, if a man, has a strange desire to look good, or take care of himself, or can dress better than the women around him, we change his sexual orientation. Let me clarify, i am not a feminist smoking pot, i am simply expressing few things i believe.

I think a man who dresses well is sexy. And if a man can carry off feminine colors, i'd find him sexier.

Come on you guys, Fashion is one of the most exciting fields in the creativity department. Cut the men some slack.

And to people reading this,  if you are gay, my dear male friend, please do contact me and i would love to have a fantastic conversation with you.
I just want to know what's the fuss all about? Will he have 11 distinct feature names for all shades of pink? Would he have a thing for super tight speedos?
Unfortunately, for gay women, people aren't all that interested in knowing what they think like. We just want to see them in action. ONLY.

Coming back, you'd be surprised to know men make the better cooks than women. Yes yes. I am sorry. Its true. This particular point is important because it highlights how it creates a different perspective to our minds when we think of a man using the kitchen and knowing what to do with the cutlery better than a woman. We have been designed to only imagine a woman in that attire, but somehow we take this liberty to imagine the otherwise. And as we can see, most tv show cookery hosts are men. See, men, can do "almost" everything a woman can. And they are straight.
So you see, this is where we have to sort of change our little perspective. Men are booming in the fashion industry. And next time, you see two men, having a label. They aren't always going to turn out being a couple. They might just be brothers unaware the whole world is looking at them with the scrutiny of  performing incest. Let's be nice. Lets be straight.

For all you men, your welcome.



  1. Neharika,
    Beautifully Written.

    I think it has a lot to do with the mindset of the sexes. Women differentiate colors well. Really well. Guys, well not so much. Pink is Pink! I Dont think i can differentiate between Lavender Mauve and Fuscia ( (eg. Zaha Hadid). Experimentation , i think, is the key :)

    1. Danny!
      Thank you for reading:)
      And i agree. Pink is pink :)

  2. Very well fact just the other day, was wondering why men who jus look after themselves are looked down upon as sissys'...i do appreciate ppl who can do smthing i cant dream of doing and esp. men...

    1. :) We all can take care of ourselves and look good. Irrespective of gender.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. why is the fonts so weird and why do the i's look like L.Brilliantly written but the 'i' took away all the focus and effort of reading. Good to see you writing again.