Friday, October 26, 2012

Must Look Out Brand of The Week: Teroh!

What India needs is freshness. No really it does. We learn terminologies like Couture, Pret line, ready to wear but believe me, very few brands here know what kind of clothes they are catering to.
In this mad confusion, pop came a new brand "Teroh". Launched by a team of enthusiastic creative minds, Teroh promises you a beautiful amalgamation of high street with couture and guess what? They don't burn a hole in your pocket either.
Teroh is the enunciation of the number 13 in the east Indian language and obviously considered unlucky by many. So the challenge comes in taking up the preconceived notions and totally trashing them by the kind of work they would present. Guts. And lots i say.
The best part about this ambitious lot are the kind of designs they bring to the podium. They are international, chic and have the bang on color palette that can give already established brands like Zara or even Forever 21 a good competition.
I actually took the liberty to find some of my own favorites from their latest collection called Petunia Parade.
I personally love the color palette.

Their first collection looked as promising as ever! The most interesting aspect was as to how they picked up ongoing trend and used it to create something visually appealing out of it. 
I am talking about blouses. 
I have the privilege to be great friends with the designer of this promising brand, and she is as big a rock star as her brand is.
Cheers Nijhum!

Also, they incorporated the whole online shopping trend which is picking up pace with great momentum on their website so you guys can have a look at their line and order! You can visit

I have my greedy eyes on their next line ;)

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