Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Men Tell Us That Mirrors Don't

"That girl was a lot less concerned about her lips a few months back"
As we are designed to think, this statement would have ordinarily popped out of a woman's mouth for another woman (obviously not in her best interests. Obviously) but this is actually a statement made by a regular college going guy. 

Surprised? Don't be.

Other than the unsaid trait of never asking for directions, men possess what I call the x-ray vision when it comes to analyzing women. Before the trumpets start rolling, this isn't about her silhouette (so to say) , this is about what suits a woman, what hair, what color and maybe even the right lip shade. 

Men can tell us what a mirror cannot and definitely what a woman would not.
We have this knack of always lashing out what our guy friends and even boyfriends have to say about what we wear or how less amplified our hair looks, it's natural, don't blame yourselves. Most men don't even care about fashion or whether neon means a color or the name of your dog. Let me rephrase that, most men don't care about fashion but secretly care a LOT about what a woman is wearing, especially is she is their girlfriend. They can tell if a dress is ACTUALLY not making your bottom look like a planet. How? Because they notice. Every tiny detail. A woman is too consumed with envy to ever see the good in another woman she probably hates and this is where a man differs. A man scorns his way through, his senses reach nirvana and pop comes out the absolute "right" judgement about any god damn attire a girl is sporting.

A woman who says she is dressing for herself is lying through her gut. Unless you are Cara Develingne. 
Lets not forget the 45 hours every woman takes deciding the perfect outfit for a night out ? Are you telling me, you ask your girlfriends and god a million times if this is making you look good because you are dressing for yourself and not the people around? All the best with that.

Ladies , in the crucial 15 minutes before you leave for an event, a man's opinion is gospel. I am telling you, he knows what he is saying. Only a man knows what a man is receptive to in a woman and its high time you don't give your boyfriend "the stare" when he says "Isn't this color looking a little dull?"

Men notice everything. They are like a psycho girlfriend on the loose. It's one of their unsaid silent traits and it comes so naturally to them that they don't even realize how close they are to getting a pink bow pinned to their heads. He would remember how that shade of red made you look like a Diva last year and coolly forget the latest nude you're sporting. This habit ,without fail,is sidelined by terming it disinterest by nearly every woman i know. Ladies, NO! That's your cue. That's when you need to pick the hint and know that you've discovered your color! No man would take the risk of being looked at as "girly" by telling you what looks good on you with keen interest. It only seems like the easier bet to tell your girl she looks good and finish the waiting period. 

So,in the name of taking a risk with yourself, try it next time, sit with your guy friends and ask them about a few women and listen to what they have to say. 

PS: Don't talk about women in their heat period that's all. 


  1. Nice one and very informative...u've dug deep into their minds! Like ur observations! :-)