Sunday, October 2, 2011

Milan Fashion week SS 2012 : The Jazz of it

I couldn't help stare at this woman , her hair just like the great Guitarist Slash (Guns N Roses fame), with tight leather pants and flaming red lipstick which was busy licking the ends of paper while she rolled her joint. Her clothes defined her, her personality, what she thought of the world. She was my Audrey Hepburn's Rock n Rolla version.
Later i found that she was just a backstage helper.
So after a fancy title you'd expect the most ferocious and flamboyant blog post, of course. But, fashion in MFW was outside the venue. The people who came to see, the buyers, the elite guests, they all were fashion standing right there not knowing how a simple designer could look at their broad color blocked belt and get inspired for a collection.
"Fashion is not what you see someone wear; Fashion is how you wear what you are"
Being one of the Fashion capitals of the world, the Milan Fashion Week is the time when most future trends are set and followed by the rest of the world. 

Interesting aspect which i observed about MFW was the change in venues for every show depending upon the designer. In India, we book a hotel and organize all the shows in the same venue for the rest of the week but MFW is a lot of hard work for the travelers.
Its an experience. For the people who want to feel like they are a million dollars and for the people who want a glimpse of those dollars.

I've come across a lot of people, even from the same background, who'd stand up and ask, " Why would anybody spend so much on a ten minute ramp show?"
I'd like to explain one simple concept. Fashion is a small speck in the world of art. That ten minute ramp show is a challenge for the designers to explain their collection creating the right ambiance to the people present.

Coming back, one flashy trend which will be a huge hit in the coming season was the combination of black, green and gold respectively.

This picture was clicked during Krizia's show -

Another important aspect during the MFW, was the importance given to accessories and innovation in design.
Bags and shoes were highly experimented with. Exaggeration was a notable feature. For example-


Also,Sportswear took an interesting turn to enter into the luxury segment. These days we'd see people
sport Gymwear by brands like Juicy couture and so on even for important events where one would expect to see skimpy tight dresses. 
I am guessing the trend from wearing only the fugliest velvet Gym clothes will change faster than the speed of light because that is a royal insult to the sportswear brands entering the luxury segment.
Ante Prima had an interesting color Palette which was soothing to the eye, light turquoise, white and baby pinks.
Interesting enough, they presented a very interesting color blocked sportswear collection.
Costume National was the show i got the heavenly opportunity to sit in the front row for! Some bits on the brand-

Collectively, the raging 20's style, color blocking, pleated skirts , exaggerated accessories and Black-green-gold palette ruled the Milan Fashion week SS 2012 forecast.

Somebody interesting i saw right outside one of the shows. 

Like i said, Fashion is what you are.


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