Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Brands speak; and we don't get.

I am in the middle of my assignment on creating a marketing strategy for a brand and i bravely close the window only to surf Facebook ; a break of course.
I can't help wonder why people post statuses like, "I bought my new Mango boots" and a trillion and one hearts following the same.
Through my study i am just learning that,while most of us sit back and call each other bimbettes for posting ridiculous shopping statuses as blatant show off; Somewhere brands have a lot to do with what they communicate.
I think the brand that currently is in the limelight is Apple Inc. I read a lot of arguments about why people are making such a big fuss about his death; he just gave us an expensive music device and etc. While people who had nothing to do with him were mourning his death like he was their own. Ever wondered why?
       Steve Jobs didn't create a music device which was burning a hole in people's pockets, he communicated to his customers a luxury which we could use to never let go of what we loved. Music. A very interesting line from a famous movie made me wonder, the line was, " Things we think of, but never speak" (obviously the title of this blog is completely inspired). He was trying to show us the exact same concept which we would wish for but could not execute.
Recently, in a conversation, with a friend, he said,"we study design to create; because once nature,science was almost explored (read almost) ; man needed a medium to explore, so he gave it the name of design".
I can become a philosopher if i went on, but , the point remains Jobs communicated what he wanted to.
Let me get back to Fashion.
Something which has recently become super popular in India, is Forever 21. Now, also, it has given way for all those super rich girls who didn't know whether they should wear bling to work or party to understand what to wear. And how? Because each mannequin is styled for people who "can" become Fashion victims to NOT become them.
It has a simple strategy. A simple name. A Simple customer target. (Fancy words come with Management studies)
It designs for the young; obviously as the name suggests the 21 year olds and for all those women who want to remain young and 21.

The clothes are clearly wild; funky and very up to date. Very young.

It communicates a story. Through ads, their website or even their photo shoots. Being young, you're constantly driven to explore and to look for something different.
And that's exactly what Forever 21 offers you. It communicates the want and the wish for every girl, whichever age group, to want to feel young and funky.
Keeping the college go-ers in mind, Forever 21 did the pricing in a very intelligent manner.
I know for us, we can pick up a top or anything with the pocket money we get.
And that's exactly what they wanted. Providing you affordable and chic clothes.
Next time you wander waiting for girlfriend or friend or boyfriend in a mall, give a thought to this and check out the window displays of various brands. Post them if you'd like. I'd like to know :)

I think i just finished my assignment with this blog. And considering this wasn't sarcastic at all, must pull socks.


  1. Hahaha. My sister has been talking about Forever 21 since months, but she's kept shut about it since a few weeks (thankfully.)

    What Apple and Steve Jobs actually communicated to us was innovation, luxury and desire. No one marketed a walkman or portable CD player the same way as Apple did for the iPad.

    Apart from a great interface, they work on brand value and an easy to use interface. The iPad too would be an example. People don't believe it, but there were tablets in the market before the iPad was launched. When they all saw Apple making too much money, they decided to hop on to the bandwagon too.

    All in all, liked the post and understood what you wanted to communicate, even though I'm a retrosexual-fashion illiterate. :)

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing what you did Vishant :)