Friday, March 16, 2012

Art is Not Fashion is not Art.

The thing is, most common reaction to any eccentricity has been replaced from "Oh My God" to "What the fuck". 
Blame it on some lady so devious she challenges the very soul of being a lady instead of going Gaga.
I find it extremely arrogant, this field of fashion. Its all about following.

Any shirt isn't a piece of art till a couple of mad journalists don't understand how it was stitched. That's the closest you'd get to the truth about third person fashion understanding.
Its also true if a fashion student tells you won't understand why its fashion. It is. Its because in their heads, after all the hard work, they are so messed up that one word of criticism and you just fixed your funeral date.

Let me explain, Art is not Fashion. And fashion is not art.
No matter how much we want to make a significant pairing between the two. It just isn't happening.
There will be several arguments on this, as we know art is expression. so is Fashion, just expression via one particular medium. Lifestyle.

Art can be anything. It can be your underwear ( how you'd keep it) to your emotions. And personally, i don't prefer people doubting it either.

Latest cult is eccentricity like i stated in the beginning. For fashion i.e.
I believe there is a stagnation. In ideas, in creation and curiosity. Art is never stagnant. Its constantly molding.

Fashion has reached a stage when nobody knows what to do, to be different. So they started wearing meat instead. 
That just makes the 4 years of you grueling your ass to study fashion a complete waste of time and energy.

We call copying getting inspired. Hell yeah! Google has replaced sketchbooks.
I'm not complaining, i am part of this cult when i prefer gettyimaging or corbising when i can easily immagine.
(I enjoy coining new words to suit my convinience)

But i do want us to go back to our roots. 
I want to sketch. I want to discover a new garment. Not just tear animal fur and stick it to my body and be snooty.

Come on. Who wants to look like a bunch of wild hair?

Fashion is only designed art.

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