Friday, April 27, 2012

Take me Seriously; I wear Formals

I often find myself sitting and observing people's clothes. - what i really want to say is its my field and if you don't dress well i will judge you. Very much.
Now fashion is a very tricky field. You may look great to some, ugly to some and absolutely of no worth to some.
You maybe the greatest gift to the science world, but Vanity is the real bitch here.
Underline this, Fashion is science.
You'll know.
Let me explain. Take a social gathering.
Success is not with what you speak, success is the way you present it.
I am 23. Still not at the stage of enjoying a super mature gala event or a very expensive cocktail.
But i do know clothes. And i do understand why and what people wear.

Back to observations.

Before i do this, let me clarify, body language is the bigger dad here. So any psychologist reading this mustn't get offended. But hey, its also about presentation.

Fashion leaves a lot of couples in question; be it orientation or a hot younger woman.
I went to this social gathering which gave me enough wisdom to dodge a flirt or a heated useless argument.
You'd see a tense, insecure woman standing in a party and how?
I saw this woman sitting at the end of the hallway sipping martini and playing hysterically with the olives. Sign 1- tense. Was easy to spot. So i noticed more on what she was wearing.

She was immaculately dressed. No doubts. Crisp white shirt and an indigo pencil skirt. It wasn't the genius of an ensemble but she had the body to carry it.
Coming back to fashion helping me out understand her.

Crisp white shirts shout formal. Like Caps lock. Made me feel she wanted to be taken very seriously. But obviously the little folds at the back of her shirt made me realize she has had a heavy day. (No, because a serious woman wouldn't dare let her clothes take it away from her). The Little fold at the back of her skirt wasn't just a sign she sat a lot but only a fashion student would understand the zipper has been recently used.
So that very serious posh woman did the tiny mistake of forgetting to zip her skirt fully. Absent minded ness.

A brawl . Upset. And over worked.

I took the easiest example to illustrate my point.
But i find this exercise a lot of fun.

There is a reason why you'd take someone wearing a tee teamed up with even a garment as formal as a coat not so seriously as a person with a tie and a coat.
Its the way you present yourself. Your clothes speak tonnes of what you are. To the day you've had or how you see yourself.

Do this for me.

Its kind of fun. And you feel like Sherlock Holmes. Immensely.

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  1. That is absolutely true. I don't understand fashion a lot, but such subtle hints expressed through their clothes, they're actions, they're mannerisms even if observed from afar speak a lot about any person.