Thursday, October 18, 2012

BiTs Labo : Label and Design decadence

Kick starting your own label in the fashion industry is possibly one of the toughest jobs. You have to be so clear about your design philosophy, your style and in this world of ever so increasing competition, its getting tougher to make your own mark.
In this wired competition, emerges a new French Brand- Bits Labo , with a clear and promising design methodology and philosophy.
One of the most intriguing aspects about this brand is the brand DNA they are proposing. Their label.

Bits Labo Label : About Label

BiTs Labo WebshopShop here!

What makes their label different is the presence of that small headphones graphic which give sit an edge. Most of us don't realize but so much thought process is put in to create one tiny label that you see at the back of your clothes.
Bits Labo 's tiny attention to such details only emphasizes on their dedication to spread the right brand message. The four square frames representing "stitches" stand for their struggle, passion, completion and the end result of the ensemble created. With this, they try to emphasize on the achievement they feel on completion of a complete garment.
This works perfectly for them in terms of brand DNA. Okay. Brand DNA is that aspect of the brand that makes it easy for you to recognize it from the other competitors. Your welcome.
Speaking about the Design philosophy of this promising brand.

Visit the link : Bits Labo : About

The brand quotes: " While designing or developing a concept, all those deep emotions, thoughts and creative famine tear one apart, eager to explode inside out. But these feelings are being forced to remain en caged due the common sense of everyday reality. Still somehow everything leaks through all the complexes and reflects in various details on the garment. These details are more about fetishism rather than a design necessity."
Basically only highlighting a simple point in the end, When you get creative energy inside you, your thoughts, ideas and brainstorming knows no limits. But somewhere fashion does have its limits, certain rules and boundations one follows. We realize why a garment becomes Avant Garde and the other Ready-To-Wear. But Bits believes somewhere that limitation gets broken and those tiny details become the highlight of the garment. Have a look at some of their work progress, you'd know what i mean.

Love the asymmetric detailing 


The famous four stitch along the sides
Last but not the least,

Crazy crazy cuts!

Their designs are going to be out very very soon. I personally loved the strong design philosophy and application. Their designs are available on their web shop. Check it out at :

They have a promising new line. Watch this space on new updates for the brand.

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