Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sneak Peek: The N(itin) B(al) C(hauhan) Studio

Greatest challenge to be a creator of any kind is to know your strength and to use it well. When you combine art music and fashion, you get one extraordinary amalgamation : Nitin Bal Chauhan.
When he greets you with a simple hello, you can't help but notice the humble exhibit and you cannot NOT call him the Coolest Dude. He is the young dude of the Indian Fashion Industry and the best part is he knows it.
Spending a day in his studio is like chilling with a band. You talk about things that interest you, you talk about crazy knocked out stuff and he has that knack to make you feel pretty normal about your own weird fetish. 
He generates this energy, where you want to talk about art, you want to grab his attention by sharing all the experiences you've had and he'd listen to you with the same interest. Before you know it, he'd be scribbling something on his page while listening to you and Voila! pop goes an idea!
He'd fascinate you with his ideas. He'd magnify his world in a way that even if you aren't from the industry, you'd be burning to join him as a team, just to visualize exactly what he is. Back in his college days in NIFT, he honored himself with the reputation of being one of the most creative of his lot. Even back then, people were eager to work with him. For free. Believe me such a scenario rarely happens in NIFT when a junior/intern agrees to be unpaid by choice and has the craziest zest just to be part of his team.

I once went for an interview to a renowned costume stylist and when she saw my resume with Nitin Bal Chauhan's name on it, she looked at me and said "You just did 50% of your work by showing me you worked with him. I already know you're good".
Mind Blown.

I realized the potential this "cool dude" had since his early years. I also realized all that hard work just to track him down for an internship changed my entire perception of design.

Coming back.

I had a day well spent at the NBC studio and managed to capture some of his jaw dropping art works. Believe me, you want to just chill with him. He'd inspire you in minutes. Even if you are from some statistics background, you'd want to jump up and say "Hell yea! i want to study design, i want to know how this dude works".

The NBC Studio is like a piece of art in itself. Check these out!

The Artist in the Designer

I tripped on this one for good 10 minutes

Art with Fashion

The awesomest head gear i have ever seen!

Bhootsavaar - Newest Line by NBC (Watch out)

And Lastly,  the creator himself. I frankly didn't want a typical picture of him at his work desk. But then again, i did click him around his work area.

Nitin Bal Chauhan- The Creator

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